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Mezzanine, Souq Al Kout
الميزانين, سوق الكوت

Kefan Optics

At Kefan Optics, we provide our customers with the latest in services and technology. Offering the latest in eyeglasses, contact lenses, and accessories. Our priority is our customers satisfaction because this is the reason behind our success and growth.
We have 3 different retail concepts that Kefan Optics operates under: Kefan Optics branches in Kuwait which is where our beginnings stem from. Our Optysport retail branches which offer a range of sports eyewear to suit any needs. Lastly, the newest member to our family and first-of-its-kind optical shop outside of Japan and new to this region– Nikon iCenter that aims to help customers experience the difference in vision by offering them the best experience in eye examination and services.

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