Store Category: Cosmetics & Fragrances

Blue Deem

Blue Deem General Trading Company:
Cosmetics company for personal care, hair & nails.

House of Perfume

House of Perfume mission is to create a mini educational center for the universe of niche fragrances, create an enjoyable experience to the customers of how to test the ingredients and choose the best fragrance that suits their character, and to secure a luxury atmosphere where in the customers can spend more than an hour away from the routine shopping atmosphere.


Durance, a French brand from the countryside, offers products from natural resources that are suitable for most skin types, which include fragrances and body lotions. The brand’s products are known for being delicate on sensitive skins, that the ingredients are carefully chosen to help restore the balance of the skin rather than creating allergic reactions.

Al Shaya Perfume

ALSHAYA PERFUMES Chain Stores are specialized and well known for their quality of Bakhor, high quality essential oils as well as AlShaya products.

Atyab Al Khuzama

The idea emerged by young men who have inherited the love of Kuwaitis for fragrances and perfume, which contributed to the production of fine and elegant perfumes, with the passion of preserving this hobby and the constant research for the best quality of incense, oils, and luxurious perfumed oils.

Arabian Oud

Arabian Oud is the largest fragrance manufacturer and retailer around the world specializing in incense, oriental perfumes and oil perfumes.