Store Category: Beauty & Fragrance

Jothen Cosmetics

Jothen Cosmetics Has been always positioned as the distinctive and innovative hub that provides the highest quality level of beauty brands and salon services enriching the Top to Toe concept since 2001.


KIKO MILANO, a leading Italian brand of cosmetics, make-up and skin care products. KIKO MILANO offers safe and effective beauty products as well as face and body treatments of the highest quality, created to satisfy women of all ages. KIKO’s wide and varied range of products including make-up, skin care and accessories.

Dar Alteeb

DarAlteeb was founded in 2004 by passionate people about perfumery and dedicated to excellence. The brand has witnessed blooming success under a leadership that is highly professional, and responsive to the market, in its creation and delivery of the best perfumes/fragrances that meet international standards of the industry.


The Body Shop International is the original ethical cosmetics company, now operating across more than 2,500 stores in over 60 markets worldwide. A global retailer of toiletries and cosmetics, we are committed to environmental protection, respect for human rights, developing trading relationships with communities in need.


The British lifestyle brand Jo Malone is known for its unique fragrance portfolio and luxury products for the home. Having rewritten the rules of perfumery by mixing unexpected combinations of ingredients and providing elegant concepts where the scent is used with abandon.

Bayt Al Saboun Al Loubnani

The Lebanese mountains are famous for their cedar trees, perennial olive trees and others.
It is known for its pure honey, which is nourished by oak and natural flowers.
It is developed by modern scientific research.
Bayt Al Saboun Al Loubnani depends on the natural materials in all its products.


According to 2014 data from Euromonitor, world’s leading market research company, Flormar is the Number 1 makeup brand of Turkey and has a 4/1 share in the country’s colored cosmetics market.


Lush is a British handmade cosmetics retail company offering cosmetic products that are made from fresh and natural material for both hair and skin. Advocating green and ethical values to the public.