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Keif Restaurant

The name “Keif” derives its meaning from “THE GOOD MOOD” where it is inspired from the saying “good food = good mood”, where at “Keif” they promise their customers a delectable dining experience and a homey feel café ambiance that will eventually enhance the mood with the mouthwatering breakfast, lunch & dinner offerings and of course a delectable selection of desserts with the hints of Arabic and Levantine flavors that could be shared with friends while enjoying the flavorful taste of the traditional Arabic coffee and its original aroma.

The Gathering

Founded in 2012, The Gathering Bistro is a Kuwaiti brand that falls under the umbrella of the Gathering Food Group. It rapidly expanded in the region shortly after, owning 4 restaurants in strategic locations. The restaurant is well known for its extensive breakfast menu that is served till 1pm with items such as trendy egg dishes and the fluffiest pancakes. Their lunch and dinner menu does not disappoint either, offering exquisite dishes, including the famous Cartucho Pasta, that alone will have you coming back for more. TGB welcomes you into a very cozy atmosphere making sure that your cravings are well taken care of. Additionally, the Gathering Food Group encompasses a unique specialty café known as Kôfē – Espresso Bar, that can be found in all of The Gathering Bistro’s locations. Kôfē is a developing specialty coffee chain based in Kuwait City, and one of the only SCAE certified roasters in the country. Being amongst the first advocates of third wave coffee, the brand derives its identity from the selection of single origin coffee beans, in which each type is roasted in a different way, locally.

Jumo Coffee Roasters

Jumo Coffee Roasters is an artisanal coffee roasters to the core. By craft-roasting the world’s best coffee, they supply cafés and restaurants in Kuwait and International Markets with their high quality beans. Like true craftspeople, everything is done by hand. From the way they roast and bag their coffee beans to the way they serve, to ensure customer satisfaction.


A traditional Lebanese restaurant, complete with a mesmerizing sea-view, Mijana provides first-class cuisine at a casual dining level. At Mijana, they believe that innovation and quality applies to all; allow yourself to be swept away by both the food and the view, while relaxing in a homey environment. Their menu includes Lebanon’s finest recipes, along with a variety of vegetarian dishes.


Chocomelt is the perfect blend of chocolate at its best preparation for all ages. It is a complete chocolate coffee shop specialized in chocolate sweets, dipped fruits and sweets, hot and cold drinks and coffee blended with the finest form of chocolate.