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Souq Al Kout , Mezzanine
سوق الكوت، ميزانين


The word “Daiem” in Arabic implies a plentiful meal and continuous wealth where Arabs usually say when they are invited to someone’s house for breakfast / Lunch or Dinner…

After finishing the food before leaving the table it is a tradition to say “Sofra Daimah” as a thank you to the inviter showing appreciation to the efforts that the invitee has done for this invitation.

The concept Daiem was created due to the Owner’s vision “Mr. Meshaal Al Shatti” to the contemporary Kuwaiti cuisine, stating that all current restaurants in the market have nothing really twisted and unique presented from the background of the Kuwaiti cuisine, therefore he wanted to set a new trend in the market which is called “Kuwaiti fusion” cuisine and serve Kuwaiti modernized food, taken from our ancestors recipes and mixed with trendy recipes to create a combination of unorthodox offerings, presented in the way of the era 1980’s to take you back in memories to the good days and the good times. From the moment you enter Daiem to the moment you get the menu to explore the offerings and what to order, you will be surprised with the item names and descriptions. Daiem’s menu offers a surprisingly delectable items that you would never expect the combination neither the innovative ideas, however it is done in a way to makes your taste buds love it and crave it continuously. Whereas Daiem is considered Kuwait’s first unique restaurant.

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